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WiinUSoft / XInput Update

posted Sep 2, 2014, 10:59 PM by Justin Keys   [ updated Jan 1, 2017, 10:32 PM ]
Time for a progress update!

Thanks everyone who helped test out the XInput support from the previous update. After seeing the results and user feedback as well as investigating user suggestions, I have found a better method for XInput support that doesn't rely on a set games list or the name of an executable file to work. The method demonstrated in the video below piggy backs off of an existing driver that creates a virtual bus in Windows, the funny thing is that I've been looking right over it's source code this whole time.. oh the irony.. 

Anyway, this method has worked with every game I have tested thus far, including the ones that were not supported from before! So this will be the method I will use to get XInput support. The driver is from Scarlet Crush Productions and will need to be installed in order to use this feature, but it is lightweight and doesn't require Windows to be in Test mode to use it. With this method now pinned out, I can continue work on the main program.

A big thanks to those who have donated. You have helped retain this domain name as well as help me hammer out some issues that required additional hardware. As a thanks I will send you all stable alpha builds, everyone else will have to continue to be patient, and thank you for your patience! :)

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