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WiinUSoft Version 3.0

posted Mar 25, 2017, 3:58 PM by Justin Keys   [ updated Jun 27, 2017, 11:06 PM ]
Version 3 of WiinUSoft is now available, grab it from the Downloads page before it's gone (it's not actually going anywhere, I just like the phrase). Here is a list of some changes:
  • Added ability to sync & pair controllers to the Windows BT Stack
  • Support for both Windows & Toshiba Bluetooth Stacks
  • Added Wiimote IR Sensor support
  • Added "Greedy Mode" option (Dark Souls Fix)
  • Added ability to set a default calibration setting
  • Added connect to first available XInput device auto connect option
  • Fixed crash involving applying controller calibration
  • Minor UI Tweaks
  • PDP Fightpad tested and works (shoulders are digital by design)
  • Pro Controller U support added (works as Wiimote + Classic Controller)
First, if you previously used the setup to install WiinUSoft and plan to use the setup file again to install version 3, it is recommended that you uninstall the previous version first because sometimes not all of the files are replaced properly causing WiinUSoft to crash on startup since it is not backwards compatible with the old Nintroller library. An easy way to check if this is the issue is to right click Nintroller.dll in the same directory, choose Properties, and look in the Details tab to make sure the file version is 2.5.

This version also introduces the ability to properly pair your Nintendo controllers to Windows using the Microsoft Bluetooth Stack so simply hitting a button will have to controller connect to your computer. All you have to do is click on the sync icon, then press the sync button on the controller you want to pair. I know it works in Windows 10, and it should work all the way back to XP but I have not been able to test it that far. To see how this works and more check out the video posted under Tutorials -> WiinUSoft.

Another feature that I'm sure many of you will rejoice at, is the ability to toggle the code that has been known as the Dark Souls fix. It has been dubbed Greedy Mode and can be found under the settings icon. What it does is hides the HID Controller from other programs while being used to emulate an Xbox 360 controller (if you can see it in joy.cpl then it isn't hidden) so games like Dark Souls only sees the emulated 360 controller. This doesn't work with every version/update of Windows, so if the X360 icon doesn't do anything in WiinUSoft while it is enabled, it doesn't work in your version of Windows. In Windows 10 you should be able to uninstall whatever update breaks this, I'm not sure which one it is yet but if I find it I will post it in the Tutorials section.

I hope this version solves past issues some of you have been experiencing. Enjoy!

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