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posted Apr 20, 2014, 2:24 PM by Justin Keys   [ updated Jan 1, 2017, 10:37 PM ]
Thanks to just a couple of donations, the domain name has been aquired! Along with the domain name comes the email address which you can use to contact me freely for questions (take a look at the FAQ for general questions), comments, or bug reports. A big thanks to the donators! The domain and email are covered for a year, future donations can be put towards extending that or migrating to a better web space, hardware, or software. 

A better web space would be one that is more customizable (although I enjoy the simplicity of Google Sites) and were I could add some forums for users to help each other out, share profiles, vote on features, and browse previous questions to help solve issues they might run into.  The webspace would also support a SQL database which could be useful for storing game profiles and displaying them in WiinUPro so users could just click and download them. 
Hardware would simply be different controllers that I can test and make sure I support. I have most of the Nintendo branded ones except newest iterations of wiimotes with the motion plus inside. And the only 3rd party controller I have is the Nyko Pro Commander which seems to hide it's discoverability. As far as software, I currently don't see anything I need. I have Visual Studio already and Monodevelop is free which should help port WiinUPro to OS X when that time comes.
So if you decide you want to make a donation, I will put the money towards one of the things listed above or you can specify what you want it to go towards.

Now for an update...

As most of you know I'm working on the final version of the WiinUPro and beta 7 is the last major change to the open beta program. I've changed up the interface a bit to give it a better flow and user experience, although the GUI itself is still pretty basic looking. But before continuing work with the final release I want to nail down the XInput feature (mapping the controls to that of an Xbox 360 controller for Windows) so you don't have to use a different program to get XInput support. This is also a feature that I want WiinUSoft to support, so I am working on a public beta of WiinUSoft so everyone can test out the XInput support while I develop and improve upon it. That way you get something to play around with between the beta 7 and final release of WiinUPro
Hope you are looking forward to the beta as much as I am!

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