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The Next Supported Controller (Poll)

posted Feb 4, 2015, 8:18 PM by Justin Keys   [ updated Jun 27, 2017, 11:04 PM ]

Hi everyone. I haven't been responsive in the past week due to minor surgery and scheduling upcoming surgery. With my upcoming surgery I won't be able to look at 
a computer screen so I will also be non-responsive all next week as well. But during this time I would like to take a poll to find out which game controller I should look into adding support for. Thanks to all of your wonderful support I can afford to get a few to test against. There has been some interest in supporting third party controllers and I would like to start taking a look at them one by one. So here are three controllers that have both the highest interest level and also have a high probability of being able to be supported.

PDP Wired Fightpad

The PDP Fightpad has a GameCube controller inspired layout but has a full sized analog stick where the C-Stick was located on the GCN controller.
Although the calling it "Wired" may imply that the controller connects directly to the console, it actually means that it connects to a Wii Remote.
The controller is said to behave like a Classic/Classic Pro Controller, and all of the shoulder buttons are said to be digital (ZL and ZR are behind L & R). Because of this Classic Controller Pro functionality claim and the fact that it plugs into the Wii Remote, it has a good chance of being supported and may even already be, though depending on the range of the analog sticks, it may require tweaking.
The controller is licensed (but not developed) by Nintendo and comes in Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Wario, Link, and Samus themes.

HORI Battle Pad

The HORI Battle Pad is a more conservative design to the GameCube controller but does feature a larger D-Pad.
It also plugs into the Wii Remote's extension port and behaves similar to a Classic Controller [Pro].
Unlike the PDP Fightpad, the ZL and ZR buttons are in front of the L and R buttons.
The description says it has "short stroke L and R buttons" which leads me to believe that L and R are digital inputs.
The controller also features a three speed turbo feature.
I also believe the likelihood of support success for this controller is equal to that of the PDP pad.
The controller is also licensed (but not developed) by Nintendo and comes in Mario, Luigi, and Pikachu themes.

Pro Controller U

Saving the worst for last, this one is called the Pro Controller U although the box says Controller Pro U, it seems they couldn't make up their minds so they went with both.
This controller is designed like a Wii U Pro Controller but don't let that fool you, it is actually a Wiimote/Classic Controller.
On the top of the controller is the IR camera so you can do your pointing and you can see the speakers on the front for the Wiimote sounds.
This controller comes in a variety of styles but what attracts players the most is the classic SNES look with either the colored buttons or the purple ones.
Although I've never used this controller, the reason why I say it's the worst option of the bunch is because of its low reviews typically averaging 2.5/5 stars on Amazon.
However, I still think this has a pretty good chance of being successfully supported as it acts like a Wiimote, but not as high of a chance as the other two controllers, but be warned, the complaints coming from this product range from dead on arrival, badly crafted analog sticks, poor button mapping, and poor battery life.

And there you have it, the three most popular requests that I've had and we already know that the Nyko Pro Commander for Wii U is non-discoverable via bluetooth. Use the poll below to vote for your choice of preferred controller to support, and if you have a suggestion go ahead and choose other and comment below or upvote someone else's suggestion.