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So Long Toshiba

posted Feb 28, 2016, 2:33 PM by Justin Keys   [ updated Jan 1, 2017, 10:15 PM by Justin Keys ]
I'm sure many of you will be happy to hear that all releases going forward will no longer require the Toshiba Bluetooth Stack to be installed when running on Windows 8/10. If you are already using the Toshiba Stack without any issues, there is no advantage to going back to the Microsoft one, in fact I think Toshiba's is better; but for those of you who have had trouble install the Toshiba Stack or are new to WiinUSoft, you can give this fix a try first.

As for what is available today, you can download this Hotfix for WIinUSoft 2.1 in order to free yourself from the Toshiba Stack. The hot fix isn't in any of the current available downloads as of the writing of this post, so you will have to download it separately and unzip it in WiinUSoft's installation folder. A vowel of thanks to the several users who have passed on references to the information posted by Julian Löhr. Without that find I wouldn't be able to bring you this fix today. However, it seems as this fix won't necessarily work for everyone, there is still additional work to be done to make it more universal.

Now to update you on the project. A question I get a lot is if I plan on going open source. The answer is yes, but in phases. I've never been a fan of handing things out before they are complete, there are some things I want to wrap up before letting everyone look at and pass judgment (all programmers know we can do better than the others) at how I've approached things. I will push out the WiinUPro Beta code first and then WiinUSoft and then WiinUPro release. The WiinUPro Beta code is actually a separate project from the WiinUPro that I plan on releasing as version 1.0, it was just an initial starting point to figure out how to utilize the controller and wasn't ever designed to be user end software. In my opinion that makes WiinUPro Beta a perfect start for open sourcing, just creating a sandbox for everyone to play in. As for WiinUSoft and WiinUPro release code, ideally I want to complete what I've set out to do before letting it into the wild and seeing what others can tack onto it. But before I do any of that I wan to continue on focusing on releasing my first console game, Mega Maze for Wii U (and hopefully Steam). 

What is still left to do? Well, the big one is utilizing the IR sensor of the Wiimote. There are two main ways to utilize the IR Sensor, one is to map the sensor to act like a joystick, where having the pointer in the center of the screen is the neutral point and moving the sensor to the right would be like moving a joystick to the right and the input is repeated until returned to the neutral position. The other way is to make it a point & click like implementation where the mouse moves to the part of the screen where the pointer is pointing. It would also be great to include input from the accelerometers and gyroscope in a meaningful way as opposed to just the raw values. There have also been requests to implement DualShock and GameCube controllers but that sounds like something to tackle after open sourcing.

If you want to get more frequent updates on this project or my game development progress you can use my twitter feed.

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