Happy New Year everyone! I just thought we could kick off the new year with a progress update on WiinUPro. I've been putting more time into the project and moving at a decent pace in getting in functional code. Although I'm not at all done with it, I'm at a point where I can have some people testing it to verify its working correctly. Anyone who has donated any amount will receive preview builds. Here is the video covering all the available features in this first preview build.

Here's the gist of differences from the beta:
  • Full control of joystick calibrations (now asymmetrical and with anti-deadzone)
  • Controllers can be connected and disconnected while the program is running
  • XInput support
  • Microsoft Bluetooth Stack support
  • Mouse Scroll can act as single notch up/down
  • Toggling between shift states can be limited to a subset
  • One button can have multiple assignments simultaneously
  • Controllers are not bound to a specific XInput or Direct Input device
  • New visual layout for assigning inputs
  • One assignment can be copied to another
  • Quick assignments for joysticks
  • Ability to save and load calibrations

What it is currently lacking:
  • vJoy / Direct Input Support
  • Default Profile
  • Auto joystick calibration
  • Auto connect on start
  • Nicknaming devices
  • Detect key assignment
  • Support for other controllers
  • Being pretty

I hope everyone is looking forward to using the final version. I would like to re-iterate that WiinUPro is supposed to be designed for power users or those who need more functionality than the simple XInput emulation that WiinUSoft offers. Also, if you have donated but have not received your copy of the WIinUPro Preview, just email justin@wiinupro.com with your name or the email address you used to donate and I'll update your contact information. And if you wish to not receive any further emails just let me know.

As always, express your concerns, questions, or excitement in the comment section below!

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