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One Year Later, Testers Wanted.

posted May 27, 2014, 8:54 PM by Justin Keys   [ updated Jan 1, 2017, 10:35 PM ]
NOTE: This and the compatibility list below no longer applies with the newer build.

It's been one year as of the time of this writing since I put out the first Beta of WiinUPro. It's been a fun little project so far, though it would be nice to have even a quarter of the time I had at the start to work on the project now. But I am happy with where the project has reached thus far and although it's not yet perfect, it's in a pretty good state that I'm satisfied with for a Beta as I work on the first release candidate. A Thanks to everyone who has shown their interest and support for the project.

Now back to business. As I posted before, I am working on the XInput (Xbox 360 Controller for Windows) integration portion of the program and now I have a working (but primitive looking) Alpha of WiinUSoft, which will only map the Pro Controller as an Xbox Controller (and eventually Joystick) for ease of use for those who prefer the simplistic. Currently, it only works for a handful of games but I do have a few ideas on how to increase that number. But I would like to see what other games do work. 

So what I am asking those willing to help for is a few things. 
  • If you have a game on this list that is not listed below, you are eligible to help (not all games are listed there).
  • I need to know the name of the executable the game launches when you go to play it, which will be the same name as the process that can be found in the TaskManager.
  • Once I've added that game into a build of WiinUSoft, I need you to test to see if your Pro Controller will work as a 360 controller in that game.
If you are willing to help, thanks and you can either comment below or send an email to

Here is the games that have been tested with the current XInput implementation so far.
 Game Status    Notes
 Alan WakeWorks 
 Alan Wake's American NightmareWorks 
 Anomaly: Warzone EarthWorks 
 Arma 3Not Working  
 Battlefield 3Not Working  
 Batman: Arkham AsylumNot Working 
 Batman: Arkham CityNot Working 
 BioshockWorksEnable Controller in Options
 Bioshock 2WorksEnable Controller in Options
 BorderlandsNot Working 
 Borderlands 2Not Working  
 BraidNot Working  
 Brutal LegendNot WorkingCrashes
 Burnout ParadiseNot Working  
 Call of Duty Black OpsNot Working  
 Castle CrashersWorks 
 CrysisNot Working Was showing the controller was there, but now it always crashes.
 Crysis WarheadNot Working Crashes 
 Crysis WarsNot Working Crashes 
 Dark SoulsNot Working 
 Dark Souls IINot Working 
 DarksidersNot WorkingController detected, but doesn't function well 
 Dead IslandNot Working Shown in options, but doesn't accept input 
 Deus Ex Human RevolutionNot Working 
 Devil May Cry 4Kinda Works DX_9 version works when a 360 controller is plugged in.
DX_10 will crash after some time w/ 360 controller plugged in.
 DmC: Devil May CryWorks 
 Dust: An Elysian TailWorks 
 The Elder Scrolls V: SkyrimSometimesWas working as shown in the preview video, but seems to no longer be. Crashes.
 Fable 3Not Working 
 Fallout 3Works 
 Fallout New VegasWorks 
 Far Cry 2Not Working  
 Game of ThronesNot Working  
 Garry's ModNot Working  
 Grand Theft Auto IVWorks 
 Grand Theft Auto IV: Episodes from LCWorks 
 Giana Sisters Twisted DreamsNot Working  
 Half-Life 2Not Working  
 Half-Life 2 Episode OneNot Working  
 Half-Life 2 Episode TwoNot Working  
 Hitman AbsolutionNot Working  
 Hotline: MiamiNot Working  
 JamestownNot Working  
 Jet Set RadioWorks 
 Just Cause 2Works 
 Last RemnantNot Working  
 Left 4 DeadNot Working  
 Left 4 Dead 2Not Working  
 The Lord of the Rings: War in the NorthNot Working Works in menu, but crashes after starting a game. 
 Magic: The Gathering 2012Not Working  
 Mark of the NinjaNot Working Crashes 
 Medal of HonorNot Working Crashes 
 Metal Gear Rising: RevengeanceWorks  
 Metro 2033Not Working  
 Metro Last NightNot Working 
 Mirror's EdgeNot Working  
 Need for Speed: Hot PursuitNot Working  
 Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath HDNot Working  
 PortalNot Working  
 Portal 2Not Working  
 Prince of PersiaSometimes Was working perfectly, now experiencing instant crashes 
 Rayman OriginsNot Working  
 Remember MeNot Working  
 Resident Evil 5Not Working  
 Risen 2Not WorkingCrashes 
 Risk of Rain Not Working  
 SanctumNot Working  
 Serious Sam 3: BFEWorks 
 Serious Sam HD: The First EncounterWorks 
 Serious Sam HD: The Second EncounterWorks 
 Sonic GenerationsNot Working  
 Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode IWorks 
 Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode IIWorks 
 Sonic Adventure DXNot Working 
 Sonic Adventure 2Not Working 
 Sonic CDWorks  
 The Stanley ParableNot Working  
 Star Wars The Clone WarsNot Working  
 Star Wars The Force UnleashedNot Working Crashes 
 Star Wars The Force Unleashed IIWorks 
 Super Meat BoyNot Working  
 Team Fortress 2Not Working  
 TrineNot Working  
 Trine 2Not Working  
 Tropico 5Not Working  
 Tomb Raider (2013)Not Working  
 Tomb Raider: AnniversaryNot Working  
 Tomb Raider: LegendNot Working  
 Tomb Raider: UnderworldNot Working  
 Tomb Raider: The Angel of DarknessNot Working  
 Witcher 2Not Working  

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