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What is the difference between WiinUPro and WiinUSoft?

WiinUSoft is basically a simplified version of WiinUPro. It only connects controllers as an Xbox 360 controller for Windows and allows inputs to be customly mapped. It does not support keyboard or mouse emulation, turbo, shift states, or any other features that are considered more advanced. However, WiinUSoft should be suitable for most users. It also does not support the new Switch controllers or generic Joysticks. WiinUPro supports all of the features mentioned above, so if you want keyboard/mouse emulation you'll want to use WiinUPro.

What devices are supported?

WiinUPro was created to support the Wii U Pro Controller but also supports the Wiimote, Nunchuck, Classic Controller, Classic Controller Pro, Switch Joy-Cons, the Switch Pro Controller, and generic Windows Joysticks. All the official Nintendo controllers are supported and it does support some off-brand extensions like the Hori Battle pad and PDP fight pad as a Classic Controller Pro.

WiinUSoft does not support Switch or generic Joystick controllers.

What about third party controllers?

Most third party Wii U Pro Controllers seem to be non-discoverable or hidden from everything except the Wii U, as for third party Bluetooth controllers (like Wiimotes), WiinUPro most likely won't recognize these controllers. As for third party Wiimote extensions (such as the Hori Battle pad) most of these should work fine. The Pro Controller U also works (note this is not a Wii U Pro Controller, it is a Wiimote + CC).

Do I need a Wii U to use the Wii U Pro Controller?

Technically no, but there have been reports of the Pro Controller being disconnected from the computer after some use and then maintaining a pattern of only staying connected for a few seconds upon reconnecting and the best fix for this is to sync the controller with a Wii U and then try again.

What operating systems are supported?

Any Windows machine that can run .NET framework 4.0 and up, which is Windows XP through Windows 10.

Do I need the Toshiba Stack?

As of WiinUSoft 3.0 and WiinUPro 0.9, both the default Windows Bluetooth Stack as well as the Toshiba Stack are supported. You can even use the introduced Sync feature to properly pair your controller with the Windows Bluetooth Stack to have  your controller automatically connect to your computer when you press a button.

- other wise -

Windows 7, Vista, XP - Only if you want to use Wii U Pro Controllers or the newer models of Wii Remotes. This is because the Windows stack will lose connection with these devices and the only stack that won't is the Toshiba one. If you're not sure if your Wiimote will require it or not, you can always try it without first.

Windows 10, 8.1, 8 - No, although personally I find the Toshiba Stack easier to use once it has been installed.

Does this work with built-in Bluetooth?


*For older versions only if you are using Windows 8/10 or can get the Toshiba Bluetooth Stack to take over your bluetooth hardware.

Do I need a Bluetooth Dongle?

You need some sort of Bluetooth, otherwise you won't be able to connect to the controller

Can I use the Pro Controller's USB cable to connect it?

No, communication data isn't sent through the USB cable, only through Bluetooth.

I am having trouble connecting my controller what can I do?

Any time you run into connection issues there are three main actions you can try:

1) Try syncing your controller to a Wii or Wii U then try again.
2) Use the Sync feature in WiinUSoft (first introduced in version 3.0) or WiinUPro 0.9.
3) If the Sync fails the first time try again
4) If none of that seems to work do the follow:
    - Use the Sync feature in WiinUSoft (regardless if it says it fails)
    - Hold the power button to turn off the controller
    - In Window's Bluetooth, remove the controller
    - In Window's Bluetooth, connect the controller w/o using a PIN
5) If these fail try using the dubbed "EasyPair" utility in the Extras section on the Downloads page.
    When asked for a PIN use the MAC address for Wii U controllers or 0000 for Switch controllers.

XInput emulation doesn't seem to be working, or when I try to add an XInput emulated device nothing happens.

You need to install the SCP Drivers for XInput emulation.

Windows displays my controller as "Connected" even though it isn't.

It's best to just ignore whatever Windows Bluetooth is telling you, it can't be trusted.

What do my Donations go towards?

Since I am no longer as active on the projectm they don't go to anything specific anymore other than keeping the site running (yearly domain name registration) and because of this I have removed all other donation buttons. If you still wish to donate just for the time I've put into the project I truely appreciate the gesture.

I have another question that I can't find an answer to.

My Youtube Channel has many tutorials on it if you are looking for help.

Check the Community Forums to get more answers, and post any new questions you have there. Using the forums will make sharing fixes and workarounds with everyone else much easier. The comment sections are also full of answers. You can still email me at justin@wiinupro.com though responses may be slow.